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What time does the festival start?

We open at 14:00 at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday 30th April 2023 and close at 23:00.  While the festival begins officially at 14:00, you are welcome from 13:30 if you wish to explore the beautiful gardens.  The afterparty at the Mill will run from 22:30 until 04:00.  


How do I get there?  Where should I park. 

Check out our location page for more info.

Tell us about the food and drink?

There will a huge variety of delicious food and drink on offer at  the Botanical Gardens.  We have such a long and action packed day so we wouldn’t want you going hungry!  We’ve got delicious, reasonably priced organic food and yummy veggy/vegan options too for all our herbivore friends, and on top of this we have free-from-food for anyone with particular allergies.  


Food will be served from the moment we open, up until we close on Sunday night.


On the drinks side of things we are working with some excellent local venues, breweries, wine importers, cocktail makers and more to really take what we can offer to the next level.

Swingamajig Reusable Cup Scheme

  • We are running a reusable cup scheme to reduce our waste.

  • First time you get a drink you pay £1, this is to join the scheme and is non refundable.

  • While we prefer you to return the cups to us, if you wish to take it with you - it is your cup.

  • You can use this cup through the festival, or at any time swap your dirty cup for a clean one/a different type, eg swapping a pint glass for a wine glass - this is free.

  • If you lose your cup you have to purchase a new one.

When you leave the site please leave any of our reusable cups behind.  You are welcome to bring your own reusable cup to the festival and we will happily pour your drinks in there instead of paying the £1.  

What can I bring with me?
We do not allow people to bring their own food and drink to the event, but if you have any concerns around allergies or anything else please contact us at  We do however allow people to bring bottled water and/or reusable water bottles or cups.


You can bring camping chairs with you but there is a good deal of seating on benches across the gardens and in the seated venues inside.

What should I wear?

We don’t have an official dress code, but you will find plenty of top hats and flapper dresses worn by some of the most beautiful ladies and dapper gents around.  Come in whatever you will feel most comfortable in.  In any case, however you decide to dress, make sure you bring your dancing shoes!


See what other people wore - check out the photos from our previous events here!

What if it rains?
If rain is expected we recommend bringing suitable clothes (although we are have been assured 30th April will be a beautiful sunny day).   That said we have a lot of indoor space including marquees to provide cover outside so we are well prepared whatever the weather.
There will be a cloakroom where you will be able to leave your coats and bags so you can dance freely.

Can I pay with cash or card on site?

All the bars, food stalls and market stalls will be accepting card and some of these will be card only, so please plan accordingly.  There are no cash machines near the Botanical Gardens so if you do want to bring cash then please plan in advance. 

Are children welcome?
Children are welcome to our daytime event but please check out the information on under 18s here.

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