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Performing at Swingamajig

At Swingamajig we are always on the lookout for new talent.  Each year we scour the land looking for the very best acts to perform at Swingamajig Festival, and this year we are after the hottest line up yet.

Whether you are a new or established act, if you want to play Swingamajig we want to hear from you - please fill in the relevant application form below, and give as much info as you can.  Please do not send an email to our contact address as we are unable to deal with performance enquiries this way.

Band Applications

The music we are looking for is really varied and normally falls under one of three categories:

  • Electro Swing, Vintage Remix, Beats and Bassline

  • Vintage Swing, Rockabilly and Rock n Roll

  • Balkan Folk, Gypsy Punk and World


We have had everything from afro-beat to big band swing, gypsy jazz to electronica on our stages but most important is that the bands put on a show. Swingamajig is a spectacle like no other, and we pride ourselves in booking some of the best live acts around.


DJ Applications

Swingamajig is known for being one hell of a party, and we pride ourselves on putting on some of the best DJs around, both new and established acts.  Musically we book everything from traditional Swing and World to House and DnB including everything in between.  There is plenty of Electro Swing too, although we don't just want to hear from Electro Swing DJs.  Swingamajig is a really broad festival and we need our DJs to reflect that in their sets.



Performer Applications

Swingamajig has always had a huge cabaret/circus element to the festival.  On the cabaret stage, we program top acts throughout the day, a mixture of dance, circus, burlesque, and magic.  We like things that are a bit different and things that have a wow factor that works for a seated engaged crowd.


Applications on this stage we need to see fully choreographed acts that last between 3 and 20 mins and it needs to be of a professional standard. 


We also have other spaces for walkabout performances in the daytime, and free spinning to the DJs at the afterparty.  For these we are looking for teams of two or more people, with costumes and who have experience interacting with festival goers and performing on a stage with restricted space.


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