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Swingamajig 2023 – the Botanical Ball will be held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Westbourne Rd, Birmingham B15 3TR
Entrance is through the Botanical Gardens main entrance building.


The afterparty will take place at another location in town with more info on this coming soon.

How to get to the Botanical Ball...

By Car

Parking/traffic around the Botanical Gardens can be difficult but on a Saturday there is parking available on the single yellows on the roads outside and around the Botanical Gardens.  


Swingamajig customers not displaying a disabled blue badge are not allowed to use the Botanical Gardens carpark itself.  If you drive in you will be turned away and may get fines from the parking cameras too.  Disabled blue badge holders are able to park here and when you arrive please speak to our staff and fill in your registration in the correct machine or you may get a parking ticket.  Swingamajig accepts no liability for parking fines from the Botanical Gardens carpark.



Black Cabs – the only vehicles licensed to pick you up without pre-booking first.  They tend to be a little more expensive but can always be found around the city centre.

Private hire/mini cab – there are plenty around, we use are A2B Radio cars 0121 744 1111 and they are very reasonable.


Uber is in Birmingham and as long as you avoid surge pricing it is very reasonable.


Getting home from the festival if you are ordering your own taxi, please avoid ordering a taxi to the gardens to avoid traffic delays. Walk out onto Westbourne Road and from there you will find it much easier to find your taxi/continue your onward journey.


We will be running a fixed price taxi rank sending cars to the afterparty. There will be a lot of people trying to leave the site between 23:00 and 23:30 so please factor this into your plans.


Public Transport

The number 1 bus goes almost to the Botanical Gardens but Five Ways (which is a 10 mins walk) is a major route where you will find busses coming in from all over Birmingham.


If you are coming by train then you can get off at Five Ways Station which is a 15 min walk from the festival.



The area around the gardens is lovely and we encourage anyone coming locally to walk or cycle.  There is not a lot of bike rack spaces but there are some spaces on the left hand side of the car park as you come in.  If you need help finding somewhere suitable for your bike then just let us know.


Afterparty Parking

More information coming soon after the venue details are released.

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